Where are we heading with media and can we handle it?

Digital and social media continues to explode and impact our daily personal and business lives. However do we need to be mindful of? Are we heading in the right direction and can we balance out our living without it being all consuming?

Lee Ussher is co-founder of Buzz Web Media, a nationally recognised digital brand marketing agency specialised in servicing companies, such as Pfizer, in establishing their brands and expanding customer reach online.

As an early adopter of social media, Lee has become an established social media and digital marketing strategy consultant to the government and corporate sector. Lee is an established professional speaker, writer and media commentator.

Taken Up spoke to Lee about the growth of social media and what it means for households as well as businesses.

Hear her respond to questions that matter to us all.

  1. How do people manage what they consume and what gets captured about them?
  2. Is the explosion of content good or bad for business and society?
  3. What is the future of social media growth?
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